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English Subtitle version My father-in-law’s raging hard on came plunging into my pussy, and it should have made me ill, but instead, I felt nothing but pleasure … My mother got remarried to a perverted and creepy, dirty old man who liked schlgirls. When he saw me in my school uniform, he began to lust for my body, and then he fucked me. So now I have a secret that I can tell no one. Whether it’s in the hallway, in the living room, or in the bathroom … I’m getting fucked on a daily basis, whenever my mom’s looking the other way. He said to me, “I like the way your pussy is molding to the shape of my cock, Karen.” As he kept on fucking me, my body began to derive pleasure from him, an incongruity that drove me to misery. As a woman, there can be no worse shame than this ….

Date: March 5, 2023
Actors: Karen Kaede